3. october 2018 at 19:36 | Kai. |  about me
Is there something wrong with me ?
Cos I can't seem to keep anyone or anything, anyone or anything.
Is it the way I walk ? The way I talk ?
Or how I wish I could change the world ?
Is it silly of me, is it silly of me to dream ?

Oh I try to make everyone happy,
But what about
What about me ?
Is it too much to ask,
Is it too much of a chore ?
For someone to stick around unlike everyone before.

Is it the way I dress ?
My need to impress ?
Or how I'm clearly drenched in loneliness ?
And I'm craving, craving something like this.
Do I feel too much ?
Tell me, do I feel to much ?
Are you suffocating under my love ?
I can't help it darling I can't help it with you.


I'm begging don't go
I'm begging you please stay
Tell me what I've got to change
And I'll do it, I'll do it for you x2

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